What Are People Saying?

What are backpackers saying about Africa. Backpackers in Africa

What are backpackers saying about their time traveling the African continent? Check out what some of our favorite travelers had to say.



“I am so glad you inspired me to come to Africa – it’s been the most amazing time and the people are so friendly, just like you said”

-Barbara, UK, traveled 8 African countries


“Out of Europe Asia and South America, Africa was my favorite continent to travel.”

-Robbie, UK, traveled African 10 countries


“It was the most inspiring four months of my 264 months (22 years) of living.”

-Rune, Denmark, traveled 5 African countries


I chose Africa above Asia, Australia, or South America because I wanted to experience some real adventure and crazy stories which you’ll never experience when you do the standard touristic routes. And I wanted to do something else than all my friends and prove that I could travel all by myself and very back to basic. It was a good choice. I will have ‘Africa fever’ for the rest of my life!”

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-Lizzy, The Netherlands, traveled 9 African countries


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