6 Examples to Rethink, “Is Africa Dangerous?”

Is Africa Dangerous, Backpacking Africa for Beginners

I get it.

Africa sounds scary. It looks scary. But is Africa dangerous really?

Not when you consider the past month’s events. Lovely, innocent people around the world facing unspeakable acts of horror. I can’t even imagine going through what these individuals and their families are experiencing. But all of them occurred in a seemingly “safe” and “good” country.

It got me thinking…. Is Africa Dangerous? When I was traveling (and now living in) the continent, I found the countries to be just as safe (if not more safe) than a typical day in America. Of course, I definitely followed some smart backpacking tips and did everything I could to keep me and my wallet safe.

Tell me if I’m off based, but I’m starting to believe that the riskiest thing of all is not following your heart. You’re not guaranteed tomorrow or even an hour from now, and bad things can happen anywhere. Anytime. So it’s better to just live your life and not let your fears or perceptions of a certain area stop you from going.

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Is Africa Dangerous? Top Fears about the Continent (Experienced around the World):

1. Deadly Diseases

An 18 year old teenager from Ohio, Lauren Seitz, just passed away after contacting a brain eating amoeba from a water park that she visited with her church group. Yes some water in Africa poses a threat, but that’s just water everywhere.

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2. Dangerous Animals

I cannot imagine the horror that these parents faced when their 2 year old son was snatched by an alligator right in front of them. What was supposed to be a family vacation turned into a nightmare that will haunt them for life.  In my experience, when I was backpacking Africa, the locals were always at least knowledgeable and helpful (unlike the Disney resort this family was staying at) regarding what animals were in the area and the do’s and dont’s.
Is Africa Dangerious, Animals in Africa, Backpacking Africa for Beginners

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3. Guns & Violence

The tragic  100+ people injured or killed inside the Pulse Night Club in Orlando took my breath away. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. How the victims families were grieving, how the survivors were coping, and how my many gay and lesbian friends must be feeling. Unfortunately acts of violence can happen anywhere.

Is Africa Dangerous? Pulse Nightclub, Dangers in Africa, Backpacking Africa for Beginners

4. Rape

Just last week, dozens of rapes were reported during a Swedish music festival. 32 horrific acts of sexual violence occurred in just 3 days. That’s one almost every 2 hours. A fun summer event turned into the most traumatic moments of their lives.

Is Africa Dangerous? Rape in Europe, Rape in Africa, Backpacking Africa for Beginners, Safety in Africa

5. Robbery & Murder

Just recently, a 19 year old American, Beau Solomon, was on a study abroad program in Italy, when he was robbed, assaulted, and found dead in the Tiber River. If Africa is dangerous, than why do things like this continue to happen to tourists visiting other parts of the world?

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6. Corrupt Leaders

I might be stepping on some toes here. But the US Presidential candidates disgust me. One is indited for spilling country secrets and the other is a racist, sexist reality star. And yet we continue to criticize Africa’s leaders?

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Bottom line, African countries aren’t all roses and daisies… but neither is any other country. And most backpacker say great things about Africa. So use common sense (no matter where you are), and live your life with no regrets. Travel where you want and see what you want before it’s too late.