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Backpacking Africa Book Reviews: What Are Travelers Saying?

Before I started my backpacking Africa adventure, I was so freaked out. I had never backpacked before, and knew nothing about the continent. Luckily, I reached out to one blogger who couldn’t give me any tips other than, “I’ve seen other girls traveling… You’ll probably be fine.” It wasn’t much, but it gave me enough confidence to book my ticket.

After the best 7 months of my life, I had successfully and safely navigated my backpacking route. Now, I live in Ethiopia, and get hundreds of emails and messages from travelers.

I put together the e-book to give super practical, helpful, step-by-step advice so that you can have the best time of your life (while also not dying). I learned so much on my trip. Stuff like safety tips, common scams, ways to avoid getting sick, how to save money, how to cross borders, etc. are things you really should KNOW before you go.

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The cool thing is, hundreds of travelers have downloaded my book so far. Most of them have never been to Africa, and many have never backpacked before, but they all made it safely. Well except one— but he only watched my YouTube videos which is much different from the book 🙂 You can too.

Here’s what just a few travelers said about the book.

Michaela, Austria

“I just realized that you were one of my reasons for my big African trip. I was reading your book… and loved it!! Thank you so much for inspiring me.




Shahid, England
“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help. I am back home in Europe now. Many parts of you book were very helpful and the one thing that I found most inspiring was your enthusiasm & passion.”


Ronisha, USA

“Hey Val. I read your blog as well as bought your ebook. Both are great reads….I’m like you in the beginning. This will be my first backpacking tip. It will also be my first time in Africa period.”




Robert, USA

“Hi Val, your book is an outstanding read! One of the few I’ve ever read cover to cover…”


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Miguel, Columbia

“I read your book before coming to Africa, learned some pretty cool tips!”


Molly, Australia

“I cannot explain how much I loved your book and how beneficial it has been to me….. so your book and your experiences have not only been inspiring to read but also extremely useful to reference as an example of somebody in a similar situation to me who has skillfully navigated the continent and loved it.”



Simply put?

Download Backpacking Africa for Beginners. Pull up a map. Grab a beer. And start planning your trip NOW 🙂

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2 responses to “My Backpacking Africa Book Reviews”

  1. felion says:

    I brought your book and found it to be really amazing with a lot of great details. I can’t wait to start my journey to the motherland i backpack Asia last year for my 29th birthday in August for three months it was amazing i met a lot of Africans who has been living there for years thats what got me so exacted to make Africa my next destination

    • Val Bowden says:

      Hey! Thanks so much! And I’m glad you found it so helpful! 🙂 I tried to put lots of detailed information on there since it’s hard to find. And that’s so awesome you were in Asia. You’ll definitely love seeing African countries. They’re a little harder to travel, but everything you can see and everybody you can meet along the way makes them worth it. Anyways, stay in touch and let me know if you have any questions! 🙂 🙂

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