Travel for a month now or wait and travel longer later?: Backpacking Africa and Mzungu Tribe

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    Hi! I would really love to travel to Africa however time is of the essence and i only have a month to travel. Would you still recommend me to travel Africa or should i wait till next time (2 years later due to serving the army)

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    Val Bowden

    Hey Joel! That’s awesome you want to travel Africa. I’d say go for it! Even if you only have a month you can still see a lot. Is there anything in particular that you want to do? You could either pick 1 country to stay in the whole time (Ethiopia, South Africa, or Uganda have a lot to see) or you could pick 1 spot near to other surrounding countries and see several places. (Start in South Africa, then you could easily see Lesotho, Swaziland, Victoria Falls, Mozambique etc or Could pick Tanzania and then see the island of Zanzibar). Africa is so huge and each country is so different, that if you go now you can kind of get a feel for a few places and talk to other travelers about where they’ve been, and then after the service if you want to travel again you’ll have a better idea what to do. Hope this helps!

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