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The Great Ethiopian Run

November 22, 2015

Imagine thousands of individuals all sporting the same two colored t-shirt taking over the roads in one of the biggest metropolitan cities in Africa.


It’s called the Great Ethiopian Run, and it’s the largest road race in Africa.


Started by the native born, Olympic Gold Medalist, Haile Gebreselassie, the run generated over 36,000 participants with thousands more cheering them on.


Some would say the race isn’t for everyone though. It’s a crazy mix of culture and fun with crowds so large those with claustrophobia may second guess their decision.



It’s a 10k race, but don’t worry if you haven’t trained. While running is of course allowed (it’s called the Great Run after all…), the throngs of people everywhere make it hard to keep a steady pace unless you manage to squeeze your way to the front of the line and take off faster than anyone can catch up to.

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Most participants are just in it for a good time. Along the way, you’ll encounter people raising their hands and singing, funny costume designs, and of course true to Ethiopian culture,  a few runners will even stop for a coffee ceremony along the way.


Whether you’re looking for a fun time or a glimpse inside the fabulous Habesha culture, this is the place to be.



Unnamed Venue
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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