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How One Girl Traveled Africa

I traveled Africa, & know you can too! In 2013, I backpacked through 13 African countries. By myself. Using public transportation only. That’s right, no planes. Just one train, a few boats, and hundreds and hundred of buses. I started in Cape Town in March and after seven months I traveled Africa (complete length of the […]


Is Africa Safe?

  Is Africa Safe?: How to Stay Healthy, Happy, and Alive! Before you buy your plane ticket, book your safari, or start training for some serious trekking, you’re probably wondering one thing.“Is Africa really safe to travel?”  That one little question stops more people from realizing their dreams of coming to Africa than any other. […]


54 Reasons to Travel Africa

The world is filled with some absolutely amazing, incredible, and beautiful places to see. With so many options available, picking where to go and where to start is not easy. Climbing the Great Wall of China, visiting the Eiffel Tower, and touring a winery in Napa Valley all have an alluring appeal. What happens to […]


Should You Volunteer in Africa?

Volunteering in Africa: The good, the bad, the ugly Africa has become a magnet for volunteers, charity organizations, and non-profits from all over the globe. If you’re interested in joining the ranks and volunteering in Africa, there is a lot you need to know! I got my introduction to the continent by volunteering in Africa– […]