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Water Purification Device: Why You SERIOUSLY Need One!

life straw, water purification tablets, backpacking africa for beginners

Water Purification Device: Do You REALLY Need One? Travelers Dirrhea, anybody? No thanks. While traveling Africa, most countries will not have clean tap water you can drink without getting sick. South Africa and Mozambique were the only safe countries I visited. I never ventured to find out, but most African water can cause things like […]


Clever Travel Companion

If we had to recommend one product that every traveler needs (in Africa or anywhere else), this would be it. It lets you hide your passport and money out of sight and out of reach in the secret zip pocket. That way, if you do get robbed or pick-pocketed, your essential valuables are still on […]


Scan-Proof Money Belt

Scan-Proof Money belt

This Scan-Proof Money Belt comes in black or a neutral color. It has two pockets, but is still thin enough to be concealed under your shirt. The best part about the belt is that it blocks people from walking by with RFID scanners that can steal your credit card information without you knowing. Scan-Proof Money […]


Olympus TOUGH Camera

Olympus TOUGH Camera for backpacking africa

This olympus TOUGH Camera is perfect for backpacking. It’s waterproof, drop proof, and for the most part idiot proof.  It’s great for backpackers because you can take it swimming, trekking, or on the beach without worrying about sand. The many different settings and filters are perfect for the diverse landscapes, animals, and adventures that will […]


Universal Wall Charger

Universal Wall Charger for backpacking africa

This Universal Wall Charger is great because it is one device that will work wherever you go in Africa (or throughout the world). Don’t make the mistake of taking individual plugs for each country. It’s a pain to carry so many. Instead buy one device that will work wherever you go. Our advice? Take at […]


Clever Travel Companion Review

Clever Travel Companion: The best backpacking gear out there When I was getting ready for my big trip across Africa, I bought a lot of backpacking gear. Most of it I threw away or it broke somewhere along the way. That’s why I’m weirdly obsessed with my tank from Clever Travel Companion. It’s one of the few items […]