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Ethiopia Travel Warning: 4 things to know NOW (but helpful for any African country!)

Travel Warning Ethiopia protests in ethiopia

Ethiopia Travel Warning | I’ve gotten numerous travelers recently asking me, “Is Ethiopia safe to visit right now?” If you haven’t seen the news, there have been multiple protests resulting in many deaths.  It’s grossly exaggerated by the media. But as a local living here, it’s escalating to a point travelers should start paying attention to it. […]


Service Travel: What is the real story? My experience volunteering in Africa

I recently heard about a reporter named Laura who was writing an article about the no-guild vacation; the rise of service travel.  In her words: “From laying the foundation for a new school in Kenya to creating sustainable homes in India to digging wells in Guatemala, this short form reported piece will explore this educational and philanthropic segment of […]


The 10 BEST backpacking videos about Africa

backpacking videos, backpacking Africa, youtube videos on africa

Need some inspiration to choose Africa as your next travel spot? Or just looking for some backpacking tips? These are my favorite backpacking videos about Africa! Seriously, you’ll want to book your ticket right now! So grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch these awesome backpacking videos! BACKPACKING VIDEOS: EDUCATIONAL The OTHER side of Africa […]


Water Purification Device: Why You SERIOUSLY Need One!

life straw, water purification tablets, backpacking africa for beginners

Water Purification Device: Do You REALLY Need One? Travelers Dirrhea, anybody? No thanks. While traveling Africa, most countries will not have clean tap water you can drink without getting sick. South Africa and Mozambique were the only safe countries I visited. I never ventured to find out, but most African water can cause things like […]


8 Famous Celebs Who Vacation in Africa

celebs in africa

Africa doesn’t just attract backpackers. It’s also a magnet for celebs. Check out these A-listers who will make you want to book your ticket right now!   1. Rebel Wilson While she came to film Grimsby, she no doubt enjoyed her time in South Africa. Rebel even took a time out to climb Table Mountain. 2. Rihanna In 2013, […]


A Backpacking Travel Hack That Does NOT Work! (Get a cheaper flight today!)

travel hack, cheap flights, backpacking africa for beginners, cheap flights to cape town

Travel hack 101: Roundtrip tickets are NOT always cheaper. When I decided to backpack across Africa (from Cape Town to Cairo), all the travel bloggers and media kept repeating the same old travel hack. “Purchase a roundtrip airplane ticket to save money.” They followed up by saying I could later cancel my return ticket or […]


6 Examples to Rethink, “Is Africa Dangerous?”

Is Africa Dangerous, Backpacking Africa for Beginners

I get it. Africa sounds scary. It looks scary. But is Africa dangerous really? Not when you consider the past month’s events. Lovely, innocent people around the world facing unspeakable acts of horror. I can’t even imagine going through what these individuals and their families are experiencing. But all of them occurred in a seemingly […]