Backpacking Tips

Backpacking tips for Africa is a collection of best traveling insights for your trip. When I first started my journey from Cape Town to Cairo, I knew nothing! And I made a lot of stupid mistakes because of it. I know lots of travelers feel the same way too. That’s why these backpacking tips (designed for Africa travel– but work anywhere in the world), will make your trip a little easier, safer, and much more fun!

The best and most detailed tips are found in my backpacking guide, Backpacking Africa for Beginners (which you can download for FREE if you want), but for some quick basics, this section has you covered.

Topics include:

  • How to find a cheap flight
  • How to save money (and make money)
  • Before you go travel tips
  • How to choose your African route
  • How to make your trip easier, safer, and more fun

And so much MORE!

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Published Date : Jan 15, 2015

Description : This book is intended for beginner travelers to africa...