A Backpacking Travel Hack That Does NOT Work! (Get a cheaper flight today!)

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Travel hack 101: Roundtrip tickets are NOT always cheaper.

When I decided to backpack across Africa (from Cape Town to Cairo), all the travel bloggers and media kept repeating the same old travel hack. “Purchase a roundtrip airplane ticket to save money.” They followed up by saying I could later cancel my return ticket or adjust it.

That sounded like a lot of work to me. And often there are cancellation fees. Plus, God forbid, you have to do a Skype call on shitty African internet to an airplane company full of automated services that can’t understand you. Or even worse, cuts out as soon as you finally get a real person.

travel hack, cheap flight, backpacking africa for beginners

Cape Town is such a cool city! Whatever you have to do to get there is totally worth it!

I decided to buy a one way ticket to Cape Town. Only the flight was expensive! They were right! But I beat the system.

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My travel hack:

  1. I found a massive sale on the Irish Airlines and took a trip to Dublin.
  2.  From Dublin, I found a ticket to Germany for less than $100.
  3.  From Germany, I found a great deal on Cape Town.
travel hack, cheap flight, backpacking africa for beginners

At a pub filling up on Guinness 🙂

It sounds like a lot of work, but those three flights combined costs less than my original ticket to Cape Town. Plus, I got to drink some Guinness beer along the way.

On my way back, I really scored. I flew out of Cairo on a one way ticket to the US for only $355 including taxes! That’s less than a flight across America!

Travel Hacks: Do They Always Work?

travel hack, backpacking africa for beginners, backpacking book, cheap flights

All my travel tips (that helped me get a $355 flight from Africa to US) put together to help you score big! 🙂

Anyways, my point is backpackers need to forget the common travel hacks. There’s always a way to find a cheap ticket, and a roundtrip ticket isn’t neccessarily the way.

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PS- You can get a FREE copy of all my money saving tips for cheap flights with my Backpacking Africa for Beginners Complete Edition. By doing just 1 tip or following my 7 step process could save you hundreds of dollars. The savings alone could pay for a safari, a gorilla treck, or tons and tons of beer. 🙂