Backpacking Africa Videos


What you NEED to know BEFORE you travel AFRICA!!

This is everything I needed to know before I traveled Africa. Learn from my mistakes and come more prepared!

Corruption in Africa: Will it affect your travel?

Will you have to pay bribes during your trip? 5 real examples that happened while I was backpacking Africa including who I paid off & why.

Backpacking Africa Videos: How to Travel Africa Solo (Even as a Girl)

Why I recommend traveling alone in Africa (& myths about going solo! Including will you be lonely, is it safe, etc) + tips if you do decide to have a backpacking partner.

How To Avoid Sickness Traveling Africa

Tips on what to eat/drink while traveling Africa (even on buses) & where to find pills if you do get sick.

Living in Africa: What it’s really like.

After my trip, I moved to Ethiopia where I’ve been living ever since. These are the things I LOVE about it & the things that drive me completely crazy.

Why You Always Return to Africa


Almost every backpacker I met (including myself) returned to Africa again after their trip. My thoughts on why Africa is so addictive & how it claims a piece of your heart forever.


Where to Start Your African Adventure

Not sure where to begin? The #1 country I recommend for new beginners & why! Seriously, you’ll thank me later.

What Are People in Africa Really Like?

The best part of a trip is who you meet. This is a quick slideshow showing you who I met during my trip to give you an idea of who you’ll find along the way too.

How to Travel Africa: Part 1

Africa is easier to travel than you think. I list the top 9 modes of transportation to try.


How to Travel Africa: Part 2

After hundreds of hours spent on buses, these are my TOP tips you’ll WANT to know to prepare for your next ride! Plus why public transportation in Africa is the way to go! (Seriously skip tours!)


Is Africa Hard to Travel?

Why Africa is a great destination to travel to & how everybody who says it’s too hard to travel is WRONG!


Overland Tour in Africa: Good or Bad

Thinking about going on an overland tour in Africa? You HAVE to watch this first!!!


10 Reasons to Travel Africa

Trying to decide where to backpack? Okay true, there are 54 reasons to travel Africa, but these are the best top 10 reasons.

Q & A: When Should I Go?

Should you wait until you saved up lots of money or go to Africa now? I answer one reader’s question.

Did I Have Problems Traveling Africa as a Girl?

What every girl needs to know before her trip.



My Story of Backpacking Across Africa Solo

This is a short video describing my backpacking trip across Africa. I did it solo using public transportation. You can read about it in the backpacking africa solo blog here.

Clever Travel Companion Review

Stay safe while traveling by using a design from the Clever Travel Companion. If you want to read my full review, check out this the backpacking gear review blog or just enjoy this video: