“It’s a Traveling Experience That Will Creep Under Your Skin”: Bloggers Describe Africa

Backpacking Africa Inspirations

Backpackers: What do they say about traveling Africa?

Let’s face it, Africa has a bad reputation. When I finished my 7 month journey across the continent, no one could believe a young girl had traveled solo from Cape Town to Cairo using only local transportation. And when I told these naysayers I felt safer in Africa than I do most places in America, they dismissed it before I had even finished.


But the truth is,

African countries are great travel destinations…. especially for backpackers.

Trust me, they’re not too scary, they’re not too dangerous, and they’re definitely not too hard–even for a beginner.



Backpackers in Africa | Camping in Africa

Sleeping in my tent in Liwonde National Park ( and hoping the hippos aren’t passing through again)


Sure the media loves to repeat Africa’s not always so pretty past (like America’s past is really so flawless either) and tends to exaggerate the few worst case scenarios. Maybe it’s because they can’t keep up with the all the positive experiences coming from the 33.8 million tourists who visited Sub-Saharan Africa in 2012 alone.


Thankfully for all the Africa virgins out there, some of these backpackers have stepped up to share their encouraging (and very reassuring) words about their time on the continent.


Check out what these awesome backpackers in Africa have to say: 


“It’s hard not to fall in love with this truly massive content…There are hundreds (probably thousands) of distinct cultures and of course even more wondrous sights to behold.”



“I don’t know one person who traveled to Africa and didn’t come back different. For most it becomes the trip of a lifetime.”

-Stay Adventurous 


Backpackers in Africa | Playing with Lions in Africa

Photo Credit: Backpacker Boy


“It has a reputation for being difficult, even dangerous at times, though this isn’t the real Africa. As long as you take the precautions you would take in any other destination then there’s nothing to worry about, just a lot of fun to be had!”

Backpacker Boy


Backpackers in Africa | Traveling as a Couple

Photo Credit: Travel Cake


“Traveling in Africa is very rewarding… Let yourself get swooped off your feet by the laughter and rhythm in the air. If you’re still doubting about whether or not you should backpack in Africa, all I can say, is DO IT! The adventure awaits!”

-Travel Cake


“I’m an Afrophile at heart – I love African travel, music and festivals. I love the energy of African cities, her amazing people, the sounds of the bush, the fabulous sunsets, diverse cultures and beauty everywhere.”

Mzanzi Girl


Backpackers in Africa | Traveling in Africa | Zimbabwe

Photo Credit: Rune Oster Mortensen


“It’s now over five years since I first stepped foot on African soil and I’ve never regretted travelling there solo.”

-Helen in Wonderlust


“Africa is the world’s wildlife capital….Even without the wildlife, Africa would be a stunning destination in its own right.”

-Intrepid Travel


Backpackers in Africa | Kids in Africa

Photo Credit: Intrepid Travel


“It’s a travel experience that will creep under your skin, compelling you to return again and again.”

-Caz Makpeace


“Africa remains one of the most unique, unspoiled, and interesting travel destinations in the world….There really is no better place for an adventurous backpacker.”



Backpackers in Africa | Camels in Africa | Northern Africa

Photo Credit: Trekeffect


So set aside the myths you’ve heard about Africa. Try and gain a more comprehensive and holistic view that is not dependent on the media and the advice from your friends and family (who have never been there before).


Listen to those who have truly traveled it. Read more African travel articles (such as 54 reasons to travel Africa if you’re still not convinced) or click on the links of the backpackers mentioned above to learn about their amazing experiences on the continent.


Or just go there to find out for yourself what it’s really like. That’s truly the best way.  If you’re already planning a trip, but want to know more about transportation, crossing borders, etc. then check out the E-Book Backpacking Africa for Beginners. 


Cheers to good travel!

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