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Backpacking Nigeria: The one remote destination you must see!

[Admin Note: Everybody knows, I love East Africa. It’s beautiful, it’s safe, it’s easy (well relatively so) to travel. But then Anwuli Okeke from Hacking Africa, inspired me to consider this hidden gem that she discovered while backpacking Nigeria. It’s one of those spots that you’ll see once, but never forget. And it’s much different than […]


My Backpacking Africa Book Reviews

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Backpacking Africa Book Reviews: What Are Travelers Saying? Before I started my backpacking Africa adventure, I was so freaked out. I had never backpacked before, and knew nothing about the continent. Luckily, I reached out to one blogger who couldn’t give me any tips other than, “I’ve seen other girls traveling… You’ll probably be fine.” […]


Bucket List Ideas: 21 Things to Do in Africa Before You Die

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Bucket List Ideas for everything you want to do in Africa. Guaranteed for an adrenaline pumping, picture perfect, unforgettable experience. You only have one life to live… so make it good! 1. Safari Alright, it’s obvious. But seeing these beautiful animals in their natural environment is something truly special. Depending on when and where you […]


Ethiopia Travel Warning: 4 things to know NOW (but helpful for any African country!)

Travel Warning Ethiopia protests in ethiopia

Ethiopia Travel Warning | I’ve gotten numerous travelers recently asking me, “Is Ethiopia safe to visit right now?” If you haven’t seen the news, there have been multiple protests resulting in many deaths.  It’s grossly exaggerated by the media. But as a local living here, it’s escalating to a point travelers should start paying attention to it. […]


Service Travel: What is the real story? My experience volunteering in Africa

I recently heard about a reporter named Laura who was writing an article about the no-guild vacation; the rise of service travel.  In her words: “From laying the foundation for a new school in Kenya to creating sustainable homes in India to digging wells in Guatemala, this short form reported piece will explore this educational and philanthropic segment of […]