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Backpacking Africa Book, Travel Africa Book, Backpacking Africa for beginners

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This week I’m launching the 2nd edition of my Africa Travel Book (Backpacking Africa for Beginners E-book). It was so encouraging to get email after email the past year saying that my book and videos are the reason why someone decided to come to the continent. Because that’s what I’m truly passionate about– shifting people’s perceptions of African countries.


Backpacking Africa Book, Africa Travel Book, Backpacking Africa for Beginners


One big change I’m making this time around is switching to the “gift economy”* which means that you can now pay whatever you like or nothing at all for the book. Here’s some of my top reasons why:


  • It’s truer to the culture. One thing you’ll find no matter where you are on the continent is hospitality. These people just give. Like the time a Zambian woman shared her blanket with me on the bus because I was cold. Or the time my shoes got stuck in the mud, so an Ethiopian gave me hers. Or the time some Kenyans gave me a Masai blanket just because they thought I needed one. Even among backpackers, it’s just normal to give. Like when I left Mozambique and didn’t realize it would be nearly impossible to trade in their money for a new currency once I left (seriously– take note!) so I just gave it all to another backpacker who was heading that way. It just makes sense to make my book a gift, and if you want to reciprocate with money, great. If not, I’m still happy you get to learn about traveling Africa.
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Backpacking Africa Book, Africa Travel Book, Cooking in Africa, Backpacking Africa for Beginners

Traveling Africa is all about being part of a community and sharing experiences, stories, and anything else you need. In this picture, I’m learning how to cook in the dark over a coal stove with a Dutch backpacker.


  • Because I believe in people. While someone could certainly download it for free and post it all over the internet so I never make any money from it, I think most people are pretty awesome. And if I give it to you free, anything I get back from you, even if it’s just $1, is more of a personal exchange between us than an arbitrary amount preset by me. And connection and community is something I continually to appreciate more and more the longer I live in Africa.


 Africa Travel Book, Backpacking Africa Book, Backpacking Africa for Beginners, Kids in Africa

Sometimes we grow up and forget the innocence and wonder we had in this world as children.


  • Make it available to everyone. Not everyone can download the book if payment is required, especially people in African countries where credit cards are just becoming a thing. And that sucks. If anything, I’d love to see more Africans traveling and writing about the continent, and since every country is so different, they need this information too.



Some people will love this, and some people will hate it. Which is why I left the old prices (labeled as suggested prices) on there for people who are thinking, “Just tell me what to pay!!” But it’s up to you. Do whatever you feel is right. Traveling Africa shouldn’t be knowledge just for me. It should be for everyone anyways. And just know if you are able to give, I appreciate anything since I’m using all funds to start a social impact business in Ethiopia.


On another note, my boyfriend, who is Ethiopian, studied all the stats, and based on the amount of people searching the internet for backpacking Africa, he said, “There is no way a thousand people will download your Africa travel book” which was my original goal. But that is seriously depressing.

In a world with billions of people in it, we can’t even find a 1000 people interested enough in the 2nd largest continent to want to read an Africa Travel Book?


So if nothing else just download a copy, even if you can’t pay for it, as a sign that people are open minded enough to consider the Africa for travel despite all the shit lies spread about it on the media. (And because I lost our last bet, and wouldn’t mind winning the next 😉


You can visit my Africa travel book as well as my new, Traveling Ethiopia for Beginners Guide today!


Backpacking Africa Book, Africa Travel Book, Backpacking Africa for beginners

These are the four guides I offer in addition to my travel Africa book. Guides also come with a 15% off coupon to Clever Travel Companion.