Affiliate Program: Backpacking Africa and Mzungu Tribe

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Want to make money while laying on

What is an Affiliate Program?

Want to make money while you’re on the road? Then join the backpacking affiliate program! Whenever your readers click on a specially created link just for you, you get 30% of any book purchase they make. That can add up fast!

You can use the link in blog posts, in newsletters, in YouTube videos, or embed it in pictures or banners on your website.

Why an Affiliate Program?

I set up an affiliate program as a sign of my appreciation for you! I was already getting lots of referals from other bloggers, and felt that they should benefit more from it.

I also know that backpackers need all the money they can get. So if you’re blogging during or after your trip, let me help support you as you support me. Not only will it fuel your trip longer, but it also helps share the awesome message that Africa can be traveled safely and easily.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Affiliates  receive 30% on each book purchase (either the complete edition or book by itself) which comes through a link on their site.

2. Payments will be sent to you no later than the 10th of every month for money made the previous month.

3. I don’t like selling just to make money. You should actually like my book and think it’s helpful. So please read it yourself before becoming an affiliate so that you can promote it in an authentic, genuine, and accurate way.

If you have any question or other ideas for collaboration, please contact:
To sign up for the Affiliate Program and start earning passive income, click on the link below:

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Monday, March 2, 2015

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