Backpacking Africa is not too scary. It is not too hard. And it is definitely not too dangerous.

It’s actually pretty amazing. For me, it was the best, most rewarding adventure of my life.

It’s filled with sunsets like this:




Faces like this…..




And like this….




And incredible experiences like this….




Traveling Africa is more than all this though. It’s more than seeing cool animals and going on safaris. It’s more than poverty. And it’s more than all the stereotypes you see about it on television. It’s about discovering who you are and what life is all about…. and where better to do that than the motherland?

About Backpacking Africa for Beginners:

In 2013, I backpacked all the way from Cape Town to Cairo by myself. It was my first time backpacking, and I did it using public transportation only. No planes…. just a bunch of buses, hitchhiking, one train, and a couple crazzzy cargo boat rides.

Best 7 months of my life!

After my trip, I got so many emails from people all over the world who wanted to do something similar. It got to the point that I couldn’t respond to everyone, so I wrote exactly how to backpack Africa & set up this site to help inspire the world to see Africa differently.

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Africa is amazing!

I now live in Ethiopia. You could say I can’t get enough of the continent. And you won’t be able to either. There are so many reasons to travel Africa & it’s possible for solo travelers (even girls) to do it.

Before Your Trip

During Your Trip

  • Experience as many festivals as you can
  • Travel Ethiopia (because it’s an amazing country!) & say hi to me
  • Go with the flow, chill out, & enjoy your incredible adventure

After Your Trip

  • Message me about your trip! Or write a guest blog post here to inspire more travelers to experience Africa

Let me know if there is any way I can help you!

Seriously, I love African countries, and know you will too! Cheers to all the crazy, daring, and heart-warming experiences that are about to come your way.

Happy Traveling!