8 Famous Celebs Who Vacation in Africa

celebs in africa

Africa doesn’t just attract backpackers. It’s also a magnet for celebs. Check out these A-listers who will make you want to book your ticket right now!


1. Rebel Wilson

While she came to film Grimsby, she no doubt enjoyed her time in South Africa. Rebel even took a time out to climb Table Mountain.

rebel wilson in south africa, table mountain, celebs in africa

Rebel Wilson on top of Table Mountain

2. Rihanna

In 2013, the pop star visited South Africa. While technically there on tour, she couldn’t resist a quick trip to the Lion Park.

rihanna in africa, celebs in africa

Taking some time off tour to hang out with this loveable giraffe

3. President Obama

Before becoming president and visiting the continent for diplomatic purposes, Barack Obama visited Africa for a different reason. He was tracing his roots back to Kenya and meeting his distant relatives.

Obama in Kenya, celebs in Africa

Obama visiting family in Kenya


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4. Prince William & Kate Middleton

Africa has a special place in the heart of this royal duo. Not only have they made several visits to the continent, but Prince William even proposed to Kate Middleton while in Kenya.

celebs in africa, prince william in africa, kate middleton in africa, baby rhino

The royal couple petting a baby rhino


5. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

The couple spent a week in South Africa, & enjoyed a private safari.

ellen degeneres in africa, celebs in africa

The beloved talk show host & her wife jetting off to a safari

6. Dax Shepherd & Kristen Bell

Everybody’s favorite couple made a trip to the continent & even produced their own Toto inspired music video. 

Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell in Africa, celebs in africa


7. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is quite the fan of Africa. She has made many trips to the continent including a romantic Tanzanian honeymoon with Justin Timberlake.

jessica biel in africa, celebs in africa

Trying to capture the perfect photo on a safari

8. Aaron Paul

The Breaking Bad star, had “the trip of a lifetime” in Cape Town.

aaron paul in africa, breaking bad star in africa, famous celebs in africa

Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad star, & his wife in Cape Town


While African countries are perfect travel spots, they’ve also received humanitarian visits from many celebs.

harry styles in africa, volunteering in africa, celebs in africa

Having fun with kids from a local orphanage

Prince Harry, Oprah, Victoria Beckham, & Harry Styles, are just a few of the celebrities who have donated time and money to African projects. But despite coming to help, they quickly fall in love with the people and beautiful land. Will Smith, who came to Ethiopia on a clean water project, famously quoted,

It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa.


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Hometown Heros

And of course you can’t forget celebs who call Africa home.

celebs in africa, candice swanepoel in south africa

The supermodel enjoys a trip back to her home

This includes Akon who spent most of his childhood in Senegal, and Chiamanda Adichie, the famous Nigerian author who is also friends with Beyonce. More examples include Tyler Perry’s baby mama, Gelila Bekele, the Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o, the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, Ethiopian pop-star, The Weekend, and everybody’s favorite Victoria Secret Model, Candice Swanepoel.

And while you can’t call these celebs up and ask them about their trip, you can check out what other backpackers are saying about their experience traveling Africa.