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Service Travel: What is the real story? My experience volunteering in Africa

I recently heard about a reporter named Laura who was writing an article about the no-guild vacation; the rise of service travel.  In her words: “From laying the foundation for a new school in Kenya to creating sustainable homes in India to digging wells in Guatemala, this short form reported piece will explore this educational and philanthropic segment of […]


The 10 BEST backpacking videos about Africa

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Need some inspiration to choose Africa as your next travel spot? Or just looking for some backpacking tips? These are my favorite backpacking videos about Africa! Seriously, you’ll want to book your ticket right now! So grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch these awesome backpacking videos! BACKPACKING VIDEOS: EDUCATIONAL The OTHER side of Africa […]


Water Purification Device: Why You SERIOUSLY Need One!

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Water Purification Device: Do You REALLY Need One? Travelers Dirrhea, anybody? No thanks. While traveling Africa, most countries will not have clean tap water you can drink without getting sick. South Africa and Mozambique were the only safe countries I visited. I never ventured to find out, but most African water can cause things like […]