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My Route Traveling Africa

Route traveling Africa, cape to cairo, backpacking africa for beginners

My route traveling Africa turned into a crazy adventure spanning the continent from Cape Town to Cairo So you already know there are a lot of reasons (54 reasons to be specific) to travel Africa. You’ve already bought all the travel gear you need (like the best travel, anti-theft, shirt ever!!) Now you just need […]


First Time Backpacking Africa: Experience of an African American Girl Traveling Solo

African American Girl Traveling Africa, Solo travel, backpacking africa for beginners

First time backpacking Africa, Ronisha Smith, Founder of UnR, read the Backpacking Africa for Beginners Ebook, then took off for her first time backpacking Africa. She did it totally solo and shares her experience with Backpacking Africa for Beginners. [Q:] Why did you want to travel Africa? During my senior year of college I took African […]