The 10 BEST backpacking videos about Africa

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Need some inspiration to choose Africa as your next travel spot? Or just looking for some backpacking tips? These are my favorite backpacking videos about Africa! Seriously, you’ll want to book your ticket right now!

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch these awesome backpacking videos!


The OTHER side of Africa

Hand’s down, the BEST video for you to watch. I’ve watched it more than any other video on Youtube. It’s an amazing insight about the Africa you never hear mentioned on the news.

What’s Wrong with Volunteering?

Everybody thinks you need to volunteer when you visit Africa. In fact, my first trip to the continent was for an altruistic purpose too. But should you really volunteer in Africa? These are some great insights into the dangers + what to do instead.

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Backpacking Africa (by 2 idiots)

3 mintutes and 50 seconds of wishing you were in Africa right now.

Malawi & Mozambique

While searching for the best backpacking videos, I came across a traveler I actually knew. And turns out I’m in the film too! But it’s seriously a great compilation of these two favorite backpacking destinations.

Adrenaline Junkie

Lions, mountain climbing, bunjee jumping, sand surfing and so much more….. Seriously if you want to see every heart-pumping activity South Africa offers you got to watch this backpacking video.

47 Hours of Footage Cut Down to 4 Minutes

I love this video especially because of all the cute clips of locals kids. Now I am pretty sure he licks a terantual spider at one point. Haha ahh! But seriously, this guy did an awesome job putting his trip together for you.

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Love Your Life

This guy just makes you want to quit your job and follow your heart. It’s pretty easy to forget how good life should be when you’re wasting away in a cubical. But this guy shows you the magic of traveling. Who knows, maybe a trip to Africa is exactly what you need to reawaken the person you’re meant to become.



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Travel Tips

This video is under 3 minutes but packed with tips from so many diverse travelers. All the tips are super practical, and ones you might not have thought of on your own.

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My Story

By far my most popular video, this quickly sums up my trip across the continent.


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