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The Journey to Africa Begins Here.

It's not too hard. It's not too scary. It's not too dangerous.

Me, Val Bowden

I Backpacked Africa.

Hi! I’m Val, and I’m from the United States. In 2013, I traveled across Africa solo. It was my 1st time backpacking, and I did it using public transportation only. No planes– just a bunch of buses, cargo boats, one train, and some hitchhiking.

I was so scared before my trip. I literally started crying on the floor of the Frankfurt airport during my layover because I was that freaked out. Ha. So yeah, I get it. But it turned out to be the best 7 months of my life! I also realized it’s a lot safer and easier than you would expect.

Backpacking Africa changed my life. And I promise you won’t regret coming too.

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Backpacking Africa eBook

This is the guide I wish I had before my trip.

It's a total how-to book on everything I learned traveling Africa by myself. It's filled with everything I did wrong (what to pack, budgeting & spending money, getting around), the things I got right (staying safe, being healthy, solo girl backpacking), and all the random stuff you'll never be able to figure out online (crossing borders, itinerary ideas, time line, cheapest & most friendly backpacking countries).

It's really my labor of love for all the African who helped me along the way that I'll never be able to repay. I hope it encourages you to take the leap of faith, travel the way I'd do it now, & making the best impact you can while you're there.

Due to popular demand, I also added more stories, pictures, and my contact information in case you want to chat more.

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